We're solving the health equity challenge in America

Most traditional marketing tools and content that large brands and services providers use are designed to fail right at the start:

Not all target audiences access emails and rich content designed for enterprise customers
Most audience data is dated or minimal—gleaned from their last insurance claim or hospital visit, and at-risk members or communities are treated with the same assumption of marketing intent
Understanding the true needs of community members at a personal level is nearly impossible and thus reaching them the right support and care is impossible as well
Communication is a one-way broadcast, and typical marketing KPIs are fairly meaningless

What We Do

Harmony Health is creating an engagement platform that leverages existing apps on member devices—SMS and simplifies the engagement to a conversational, insightful, and intelligently reactive experience between community officers and the members they care for/serve.

Trusted Messaging at Scale

Community-based Organization officers have earned the trust of their community members and at-risk people whose needs are many and change with time. Using our white-label SMS messaging platform, community officers are able to send out messages to all their members, and gain insights into each member’s unique needs—from rental assistance to food security to job assistance and health/medical conditions.

Building Health Equity

Technology gives us the ability to reach out to individuals in new ways—building context, understanding needs in real-time, and coordinating support in a seamless manner. Harmony Health engagement platform channels trusted messaging to divine member needs in their time of request, understand underlying situations, and inclusively build a support structure that can cater to their said and unsaid needs.

Leverage Intelligent Automation

Today’s America is vast and diverse—languages, cultures, communities all influence the experience, engagement, and enablement in services delivery and consumption. When CBO officers send out messages in a diverse range of languages, the Harmony Health platform can interpret responses from those native language responses, apply machine learning to understand the context and need, and automate the right kind of response, appointment, or care delivery coordination.

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