Trusted Messaging Platform for Social, Economic, and Health Equity

Harmony Health provides a trusted engagement platform to strengthen and optimize the intersections between sponsors and community organizations. This enables community organizations to strengthen ties with their members.

Community-Based Organizations can proactively seek out and understand their members’ needs through trusted messaging, and support them with relevant products and services in real-time.


Harmony Health brings together organizations supporting community members and easily organize targeted outreach specific to the issues and needs of different groups of community members.


Inform and egage everyone or target members from a particular demographic, geography or ‘likeness’.


With collaboration tools to share information and resources within the ecosystem, you can accelerate communication to members without sacrificing relevance – culturally, locally and personally relevant.

Harmony Stories

Munoz Family

The Munoz Family was struggling to put food on the table, and along with 400 other families were given the opportunity to ask for assistance through a two way engagement. Following their request, they received a call from a volunteer and were connected to food resources in their area.

Impact to the community organization: SoCal PICRT was able to prioritize their outbound calls to those who indicated the highest need and desire for help, allowing volunteers to optimize their time.

Peng Family

Min and Sam Peng, who previously struggled with getting vaccination appointments were able to sign up for an appointment in their native language through SMS.

Impact to the community organization: Herald Christian Health Center was able to offer a last minute vaccination clinic to specific patient population in both English and Chinese, connecting families like the Peng’s to needed health services.

Moses Family

Dominique Moses along with 120 other members signed up to receive Thanksgiving Meal Kits through SMS.

Impact to the community organization: Bienestar was able to target members who fit specific criteria for the grant they had received to fund this initiative, without hundreds of outbound calls.

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