"Dr. Drumright explained to me how joints decay when they are crooked or stuck. I find regular treatments have not only stopped the pain, but have increased my range of motion everywhere!"

Back and neck pain
"The headache and pain center had given up on me. Dr. Drumright took the time to figure out what I was doing to hurt myself. I can't believe how much the pain was controlling my life!"

Breast Exam (Lump Found)
"I found a lump in my breast and quickly had a thermal image done to follow-up on the results given from an ultrasound and mammogram. The thermal image showed me the lump was just tissue, helping me avoid unnecessary surgery. The Foundation of Youth program allowed me to get my body into a healthy state to begin the healing process and, with the help of Dr. D and staff, the lump is reducing in size. Plus, I have never felt and looked better!"

Ear Infections
"Both of my children had suffered from multiple ear infections. My best friend begged me to take them to Dr. D. That was 5 years ago and neither of them have ever had the problem since!"

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Customer Reviews

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"After being shuffled from doctor to doctor for years, I finally found Dr. Drumright. He explained the cause of my suffering and together we created a lifestyle free from pain."

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"I was fogged over daily for years with sever headaches. After trying everything medical I reluctantly began treatment with Dr. Drumright. He had made my life enjoyable again. Thank you Dr. D!"

Herniated Discs
"I was desperate, my surgery was in 2 weeks. As a last resort I talked to Dr. Drumright. I felt 80% better after the first treatment! I canceled the surgery and am living pain free years later."

Irritated Bowel Syndrome
"They told me I would have to live with this terrible condition. Thank God a friend convinced me to talk to Dr. Drumright. "

Stomach Ulcer & Heartburn
"Wow! I came to see Dr. Drumright for my headache and he noticed something wrong in the middle of my back. I have not needed my Prilosec ever since the last treatment!"