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Candida Program

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​What is Candida
Candida overgrowth is a nasty yeast problem that can be potentially destructive to your body for men and women. Candida is a yeast organism that normally resides in the intestinal tract. The problem begins when our good bacteria is killed off, for example-through the use of antibiotics. People who have been battling symptoms such as fatigue and low immunity without relief would do well to explore the possibility of candida overgrowth.

The end benefit
This program will rebuild and replenish the intestinal system, support the body's immune system, replenish beneficial bacteria in both small and large intestines, and produce a favorable environment for good bacteria to grow.

Candistroyer Formula
This product contains a proprietary blend of tannates and berberine-containing herbs. Tannates are powerful, natural substances that promote a healthy fungal environment. This unique formula also contains herbs to help stoke the body's natural fires, which combat digestive dampness.

Probiotic Formula
This also provides a shelf stable source of beneficial bacteria. It has been designed and formulated to deliver the bacteria alive and active to the parts of the body where they need to be. This is important because supplementation with the beneficial bacteria is vital to a healthy and well-balanced system.